Casper Leitch - Judge James Gray - Jodie Emery

Casper Leitch - Judge James Gray - Jodie Emery

Guest speakers at 2014 Seattle Hempfest.

Below are comments from some of the many guests who enjoy taking Time 4 Hemp.

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Brad Irvin takes Time 4 Hemp

Brad Irvin

This network is a great way to reach people and teach them about how wonderful hemp is.

“Casper Leitch tells the truth about all things hemp. I met him in 2006. We all should thank him for his time and devotion to the cannabis movement. Because of his hard work, people like me can operate a cannabis business LEGALLY in some parts of the United States. Casper is a real HEMP HERO.”

Brad Irvin, Owner & Chief Hemp Officer at Hippie Butter.

Muck Sticky takes Time 4 Hemp

Muck Sticky

There’s a WIDE VARIETY of music on this network and it’s all about cannabis.

“I found Casper Leitch on MySpace way back in 2002. He was one of the first global program hosts to play my music on their show. One of the things I love most about the network is the wide range of musical styles that is played. You just never know what you’re gonna hear next. It might be a 1930’s Viper-Rag or a Rap song by an artists from this year. It might be a Reggae tune or a Country Western song or Jazz or Rock-n-Roll. One thing is for sure – every song is about how wonderful cannabis-hemp is and is great to listen to when smokin’ out with friends.”

Muck Sticky, Musical performer.

Thingy Thing
Stay Lifted Records
Howard Wooldridge takes Time 4 Hemp

Howard Wooldridge

Putting a spotlight on the failures of the War On Drugs.

“Every time I’ve been a guest on the Time 4 Hemp network, I have walked away knowing my message would be heard – uncensored – ALL AROUND THE WORLD. I’ve known Casper Leitch since the beginning of the century and enjoy his entertaining approach to such a serious topic. I’ve sent copies of several of his programs to many members of the United States Senate and the US Congress over the past several years. Time 4 Hemp is not only the FIRST of its kind – in my book – there is nothing else that can match it when it comes to truthful content about the need to end prohibition.”

Howard Wooldridge, Founder of the Citizens Opposing Prohibition organization.

Roger Christie takes Time 4 Hemp

Rev. Roger Christie

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

“With the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network being on the internet, the truth can now be found 24-hours a day, 7 days a week – and I love it! When I first saw Time 4 Hemp on television back in 1991, I was impressed with what a terrific series it was. I told everyone I could about it. I’m still a dedicated fan. I now listen to the network every day on iHeartRadio.”

Rev. Roger Christie, Founder of The Hawaii Cannabis (THC) Ministry.

Chris Bennett takes Time 4 Hemp

Chris Bennett

Cannabis is found in ancient times of sacrament. Cannabis facts are found in Time 4 Hemp.

“I first met Casper Leitch when my boss at the time, Marc Emery, ordered copies of the Time 4 Hemp television series for broadcasting in Canada back in 1991. Casper’s work in television inspired Marc and I to launch the website, a few years later. I’ve been a reoccurring on the network over the past 15-years and I encourage everyone to tune in and listen every day.”

Chris Bennett, Author of: ‘Cannabis and the Soma Solution’.

Eric Friend takes Time 4 Hemp

Eric Friend

I was so glad to find this network. It is such an inspiration.

“I found Casper Leitch’s website after extensive research into the cannabis industry from the 90’s onward – its an impressive body of work. His early pod-casts were one of a kind, that further inspired me to share my ever growing library of cannabis information as well!”

Eric Friend, Founder of Project Green Mother Earth.

Growing Hemp For Profit: join the hemp revolution today
By Paul Benhaim, Klara Marosseky, Shaun Bailey
Timothy Tipton takes Time 4 Hemp

Timothy Tipton

Everyone who listens to this network will quickly learn the truth about cannabis.

“Time 4 Hemp is filling a void that traditional media hasn’t provided. The network has great focus. Professionalism with video interviews is important and EDUCATION is being provided where there previously was none. Keep up the creative work, Casper, it’s amazing!”

Timothy Tipton, Court-Certified Cannabis Expert and founder of The Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative.

Pierre Werner takes Time 4 Hemp

Pierre Werner

Being a guest on Casper’s show gave my business a lot of exposure!

“I just want to say what a pleasure it was to work with Casper Leitch. The man is a TRUE reporter. He treats everyone fair. I hope to work with him in the future.”

Pierre Werner, cannabis activist.

Jack Herer and Casper Leitch take Time 4 Hemp

Jack Herer & Casper Leitch

It was fun to watch Casper Leitch .invent the television series, ‘Time 4 Hemp’.

“Hiring Casper to run my office was one of the smartest things I’ve done. He turned out to be an amazing worker. Little did I realize when I asked him to come up with some advertising ideas for the ‘1991 California Hemp Initiative’ that he would end up producing a global broadcast about how wonderful the plant is. I’m proud to say that it was me, and my friend Capt. Ed Adair, who put Casper on his journey as a Hemp Activists.”

Jack Herer, author of: ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’.

Gatewood Galbraith and Casper Leitch take time 4 hemp

Gatewood Galbraith & Casper Leitch

Time 4 Hemp is the most important broadcast in the history of hemp.

“Casper has successfully defeated the efforts of the United States government in keeping the truth about Hemp hidden from the world. Our government began a campaign in 1937 of lying to the world about this plant and hiding all the facts they knew were true. Casper, through the ‘Time 4 Hemp’ series (both TV and radio) has kept the truth alive and easy to find. He and his work is one of THE KEY reasons that cannabis prohibition will some day end. When people hear the truth about this plant and understand how destructive the laws around this plant are - they quickly realize that PROHIBITION is a tool contrived by the government to take away our Freedoms. Every time you watch or listen to a segment of ‘Time 4 Hemp’ you are exposed to the truth about this plant.”

Gatewood Galbraith, attorney and candidate for KY Governor.

Casper Leitch, NJ Weedman and Doug McVay

Casper Leitch, NJ Weedman & Doug McVay

The Marijuana Movement is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT thanks to programs like those found at Time 4 Hemp.

“Being a guest on Time 4 Hemp is a great way to reach the global marijuana movement. Any time I’ve been on the show I’ve gotten e-mail from all around the world. Casper’s work as a broadcasting activists is an example of brilliance.”

NJ Weedman, founder of NJ Weedman Joint.

“One reasons I became a HEMP JOURNALIST was due of the work I saw Casper Leitch do. Every time he did an interview - he was risking his FREEDOM just to get the TRUTH ABOUT HEMP out in front of people for them to see and hear. Because he was brave enough to do that, I was able to be brave enough to do that. His work is an inspiration.”

Doug McVay, founder of Drug War Facts.

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Dana Larsen and Casper Leitch take Time 4 Hemp

Dana Larsen & Casper Leitch

‘Time 4 Hemp’ is one of the most popular cannabis broadcast in Canada.

“Every time I’m a guest on Time 4 Hemp I have a lot of fun. Any time I release a new book I make it a point to be on Casper’s show. People all around the world contact me to buy a copy after hearing me on the series.”

Dana Larsen, author and cannabis activists and founder of Pot Head Books.

Green Buds and Hash
By Dana Larsen