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Visit and expand your garden.

Visit and expand your garden.

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T4H Network Programs

Time 4 Hemp Videos

Video Broadcasts

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Time 4 Hemp Talk is hosted by Casper Leitch. Segments include interviews and informational reports focused on the growing hemp movement.

Time 4 Hemp Toons is a combination of the best parts of some of the audio interviews found in our archives and computer avatars. When put together – we create an informative AND entertaining presentation about cannabis hemp.

Time 4 Hemp Music is an EARLY MTV STYLE series. It features music videos that are focused on ending cannabis prohibition. All types of music is offered on each segment so there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Audio Broadcasts

Patients Out Of Time is hosted by Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne and focused on medical cannabis. It features interviews with doctors, researches and those who use the plant for medical reasons.

Veterans Voices is is hosted by military veterans, Al Byrne and Michael Krawitz. The program centers on the benefits former military members get from the use of medical canabis.