Aug 1991 High Times with Casper Leitch

First Time In ‘High Times Magazine’ - August 1991

Below are comments from some of the many guests who enjoy taking Time 4 Hemp.

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Lynnette Shaw takes Time 4 Hemp

Lynnette Shaw

Medical marijuana helps to heal the body. Time 4 Hemp helps feed the mind.

“The first time I saw Casper Leitch sit down and host a television series about how wonderful cannabis is I about fell off my chair. It was back in 1991 when it was taboo to even say the word ‘marijuana’ let alone produce a TV series about it. Casper is one of the hardest working activists I know. If the Legalization Movement had more people like him, the War On Drugs would have ended years ago.”

Lynnette Shaw, Owner of the FIRST medical marijuana dispensary in the United States and co-author of CA Prop-215.

Steve Fowler

Stephen Fowler

Great programs to enjoy when traveling on the road!

“Casper’s shows are reliably informative and entertaining! We play his podcasts on the bus while on tour and a good discussion will always follow. Thanks to Casper Leitch for the many years he has dedicated to informing the masses about how wonderful a plant cannabis is!!! The whole band loves it when we hear our music playing on the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network!”

Stephen Fowler, Lead Singer/guitar for The Echo Movement.

Marijuana Reefer Songs
Red Devil Records
Dr Raphael Mechoulam

Dr Raphael Mechoulam

This network is unlike any other. The archives alone are a treasure-trove of knowledge that everyone needs to hear.

“Before agreeing to be a guest on Time 4 Hemp, I did some research about Casper Leitch. I discovered the man is a pioneer and true soldier in the cannabis legalization movement. I also found that everything you ever wanted to know about cannabis – good and bad – you can find out about at Time 4 Hemp. The more you visit, the more you learn.”

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, 'The Father of Cannabis' and scientist who isolated the numerous ingredients in the plant.

Irv Rosenfeld

Irv Rosenfeld

One of the most important broadcasts in the history of the War On Drugs.

“Casper Leitch is a REAL PRO at interviewing people and producing a cannabis radio series. He’s dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams and is an honest, funny, intelligent friend whose company I enjoy every time I’m a guest on any of the network programs.”

Irv Rosenfeld, One of the last few surviving U.S. Federal Marijuana Patients and author of 'My Medicine'.

High Relief
Starring Peter Dante, Irv Rosenfeld, Ben Pollara, David Allen, Garyn Angel

Eddy Lepp and Jack Herer

Eddy Lepp & Jack Herer

This network is planting Seeds of Truth and harvesting Buds of Wisdom.

“I had a lot of fun being a reoccurring guest on the network – especially when Casper Leitch had me on with Jack Herer. Casper is bright and witty and knows how to keep a show moving forward. I still make it a point to take Time 4 Hemp.”

Eddy Lepp Cannabis Farmer/Hemp Hero.

Sean Dunagan

Sean Dunagan

The War On Drugs is a tool to destroy our Freedoms. You can discover how by listening to this network.

“I’ve had a lot of interesting times as a reoccurring guest on Time 4 Hemp. Casper Leitch certainly knows his facts when it come to cannabis prohibition. As a former member of the DEA, I am most certain everyone in that agency is annoyed at this network because of the way it puts the TRUTH about prohibition in a very bright spot-light. When I became a member of the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition organization, one of the first interviews I did was with Casper. I’ve made it a point to listen-in at least once a day ever since.”

Sean Dunagan, Served from 1998 to 2011 as an intelligence research specialist for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Elvy Musikka and Casper Leitch take Time 4 Hemp

Elvy Musikka & Casper Leitch

Don’t be blinded by the Lies about marijuana. Time 4 Hemp can help you see the Truth.

“I was at Jack Herer’s house working on the 1990 California Hemp Initiative the day he hired Casper Leitch to take over the duties of the office. It was one of the best things Jack ever did for the Marijuana Movement. Casper has spent the rest of his Life steadfastly working to put the truth about cannabis in front of as many people around the world as he can. I love him. You will too if you take Time 4 Hemp.”

Elvy Musikka, Medical Marijuana Pioneer, activist, and musical artist.


Norm Stamper

The War On Drugs is BIG BUSINESS for the government. If Uncle Sam had his way, no one could take Time 4 Hemp.

“I was the first Chief Of Police in any city to denounce marijuana prohibition. I met Casper Leitch at the Seattle Hempfest in 2008 and we’ve been good friends ever since. I enjoy it when he has me as a guest on the network. It’s one of the very few media sources that offers uncensored information about cannabis.”

Norm Stamper, Former Chief of Police in Seattle, WA and a current advisory board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

Casper Leitch and Chris Conrad

Casper Leitch & Chris Conrad

Everyone needs to to be able to take medical marijuana. Every one also needs to be able to take Time 4 Hemp.

“I met Casper Leitch in the Spring of 1990 the day Jack Herer hired him to run his office. When Casper started the television series, I was the first guest he invited on. When he began the Time 4 Hemp Podcast in 2006, I was his first guest. When Time 4 Hemp was picked up by American Freedom Radio in 2009, I was the first radio guest. One of the reason’s Casper is called ‘The Father Of Marijuana Media’ is because he pioneered it.”

Chris Conrad, Writer, consultant and cannabis legal defense expert.

Lester Grinspoon takes Time 4 Hemp

Lester Grinspoon

I prescribe that you listen to this network for at least an hour a day.

“I met Casper Leitch at the 1991 NORML Conference. He and I were both scheduled to speak at the conference and I agreed to sit down and be interviewed for his ground-breaking television series, Time 4 Hemp. He and I have been friends ever since and I am a big fan of the network. I think everyone needs to take Time 4 Hemp every single day. If you get a chance to comb through the archives, you will find that I have been a reoccurring guests over the years. It’s been a fun way to be part of such an important body of work.”

Dr Lester Grinspoon, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus at Harvard Medical School and founding editor of 'American Psychiatric Association Annual Review' and 'The Harvard Mental Health Letter'.

Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine
By Dr. Lester Grinspoon M.D., Dr. James B. Bakalar
Paul Stanford and Casper Leitch

Casper Leitch & Paul Stanford

Working with The Father Of Marijuana TV makes Cannabis Common Sense.

“After being a guest on Time 4 Hemp a few times, I asked Casper Leitch if he’d like to be the Joint-Host on my weekly television series on Portland Community Cable. Some of the best segments of ‘Cannabis Common Sense’ were when he was on the show. If you get a chance, you can still find them on YouTube. You will also find me a lot in the Time 4 Hemp archives.”

Paul Stanford, Cannabis Activist.

Ethan Nadelmann takes Time 4 Hemp

Ethan Nadelmann

A Beacon Of Truth in the War On Drugs.

“The Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network provides an intelligent forum for discussing marijuana legalization. The programming found here provides information meant to educate those who would rally for prohibition as well as inform those who are all for legalization. The founder of the network, Casper Leitch, is the part of the glue that has held the movement together by uniting the many different voices which are scattered around the globe. He provides information and resources that are accurate and up to date. If you are unsure as to how you feel about legalizing cannabis, visit Time 4 Hemp and do some research in the archives before making up your mind.”

Ethan Nadelmann, Co-founder of the Drug Policy Alliance.