Paul Stanford - Elvy Musikka - Casper Leitch

Paul Stanford - Elvy Musikka - Casper Leitch

Enjoying a break in the television studio.

Below are comments from some of the many guests who enjoy taking Time 4 Hemp.

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Oaksterdam University founder Richard Lee

Richard Lee

There is no wealth like knowledge.There is no poverty like ignorance.

“One of the reasons I love Time 4 Hemp so much is because of the way it educates people about the truth pertaining to the cannabis plant. It’s the same reason I opened Oaksterdam University in 2007 – to help people find a way to learn all they can about this most amazing gift from Nature. If you want to get a Masters Degree in Cannabis, there are two ways to achieve that. One is by enrolling into Oaksterdam University; the other is to listen to all the programs found in the archives at Time 4 Hemp. Casper Leitch is a very effective Professor.”

Richard Lee, Founder of Oaksterdam University.

Kyle McDonald takes Time 4 Hemp

Kyle McDonald & Slightly Stoopid

The perfect place to visit on iHeartRadio to find the best 420 tunes!

“I met Casper Leitch at the 2009 at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto Canada. He was a guest speaker at the event and the band and I were scheduled to perform shortly after. We became friends backstage and I can honestly say he is one of the hardest working advocates medical cannabis. His work in radio to reach an audience not familiar with hemp is an effective way to provide education on this subject to a global audience. It’s one of the many reasons we like hearing our songs played on the network.”

Kyle McDonald, Lead singer for the musical group - Slightly Stoopid.

Mathew Fogg takes Time 4 Hemp

Mathew Fogg

Prohibition is a luxury item we can no longer afford. Learn the cost of the War On Drugs by listening to this network.

“I’ve enjoyed being a reoccurring guest on the network. Casper Leitch is one of the sharpest hosts in media. He is also funny when doing a show. I am able to relax and have fun as I get my facts and information presented on the show. I also love the music the network plays. It’s why I keep my iHeartRadio dial set to Time 4 Hemp.”

Mathew Fogg, Federal Agent in the U.S. Marshals Service (Ret) in charge of the U.S. DEA joint drug and gun task force.

The Power of the Dog
By Don Winslow
Machete King takes time 4 hemp

Machete Cloud-Surfing King

Time 4 Hemp cuts through the BS and deliverers the TRUTH about cannabis.

“Casper Leitch is a dedicated and inspirational force in the movement to legalize cannabis. He has been a constant supporter of the work of all of the Freedom Fighters who are trying to end the War On Drugs. His continued efforts have inspired me and many others to become more active in our efforts and he provides so much information. Thank you Casper – Never stop cloud-surfing!”

Machete Cloud-Surfing King, Philosopher with a Musical Gift.

Ben Dronkers and Jack Herer take Time 4 Hemp

Ben Dronkers & Jack Herer

The 1st time UNCENSORED truth about hemp could be heard around the world was on Time 4 Hemp!

“I first met Casper Leitch when I was visiting with Jack Herer in 1990. When Casper began producing his television series, I got a copy of every segment and showed them on a continuous loop at the Amsterdam Hemp Museum. After watching the first segment featuring Chris Conrad, I knew it was the beginning of getting the truth about hemp into the main-stream media. As a host, Casper is funny and smart. As an activists, he is a brave pioneer.”

Ben Dronkers, Founder of Sensi Seeds and the Amsterdam Hemp Museum.

Hemp Museum
Paul Armentano takes Time 4 Hemp

Paul Armentano

Learn about the slow rise of Marijuana Reform. Listen to Time 4 Hemp for a NORML view of cannabis.

“I met Casper Leitch at the 2001 NORML conference and he has had me as a guest on his show many times since. Each time is refreshing and fun. I get a chance to share a lot of news and information with the global marijuana movement when I visit. I was happy when High Times Magazine gave him the ‘Freedom Fighter Of The Month’ award back in February of 2013. His work as a pioneering activist is inspiring. He’s been a true champion of the NORML organization as well. I believe he’s had most of our chapter presidents on as guests.”

Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director; author of 'If Not Now, When? The Slow Rise of Marijuana Reform.

If Not Now, When? The Slow Rise of Marijuana Reform (Cato Unbound Book 112011)
By Paul Armentano, Norm Stamper, Allen St. Pierre, Morgan Fox
Peter Christ takes Time 4 Hemp

Peter Christ

Telling the truth about the War On Drugs can, at times, take a LEAP of faith!

“Some of the best memories I have happened when I was a Joint-Host on Time 4 Hemp every Wednesday for ‘LEAP Day’. Casper Leitch and I interviewed nearly every member of the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition organization about 5 times before I retired from my work as an activists. I do miss those days and am grateful that I can enjoy some of those moments again when I listen to some of the network archives. Casper’s work in the legalization movement is unparalleled – it truly does stand apart from all others who have followed in his path.”

Peter Christ, Founder of (LEAP) - the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition organization.

Vivian McPeak takes Time 4 Hemp

Vivian McPeak

The ONLY WAY to fight ignorance is with TRUTH.

“This network is a fantastic source of truth about cannabis. I met Casper Leitch in 1991 when he and Jack Herer showed up for the first Hempfest that I put together. Over the years, both he and Jack have been a guest speaker at many of my events and I’ve had a lot of fun being a returning guest on his show. Casper is one of the hardest working cannabis activists that I know. He has given us a platform to be heard on and he is dedicated to raising the voice of the medical cannabis movement.”

Vivian McPeak, Founder of The Seattle Hempfest.

Starring Vivian McPeak, Linda Witzel, Dr. Frank Lucido, Dr. Christine Paoletti, Tim Pate

Jodie and Marc Emery take Time 4 Hemp

Jodie Emery & Marc Emery

This broadcasting network is one of the loudest voices in cannabis culture.

“Casper Leitch is a tremendously self motivated and talented host. He has been a pioneer in the Medical Marijuana & Hemp movements and is loyal and dedicated to the Cause. When I called Jack Herer’s office way back in 1990 to order copies of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ to put on store shelves in Canada, it was Casper who answered the phone and took care of the shipment. We’ve been friends ever since. This network is HIGHLY recommended!”

Marc Emery, Founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine.

Free Marc Emery
Global Recording Artists
Casper Leitch and Jodie Emery take Time 4 Hemp

Casper Leitch & Jodie Emery

Marijuana is best when shared with friends. Casper is a great friend of the Legalization Movement.

“When my husband, Marc Emery, first heard about the book, ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes‘ written by Jack Herer back in 1990 he called Jack’s office to order 20 cases. It was Casper Leitch who answered the phone and took care of the order. When Casper started production of the Time 4 Hemp television series, Marc got several Canadian broadcasting networks to show it. Over the years, when Marc was fighting his legal battles with the United States, Casper made us returning guests on his show. When Marc was placed behind bars, Casper gave me the chance to speak to the cannabis movement through his network any time I wanted to. It’s one of the many reasons we love him so much.”

Jodie Emery, Canadian cannabis rights activist and politician.

Bad Seed
Starring Jodie Emery, Greg Williams, Dana Larsen, Matt Merhagh, Ted Smith
Allen St Pierre takes Time 4 Hemp

Allen St Pierre

The history of The Hemp Movement is found in the network archives.

“When I first began my involvement with NORML, one of the first things Keith Stroup insisted I do was to watch the Time 4 Hemp television series. Back then, it was a ground-breaking series that had the Founders Of The Hemp Movement as guests and each segment was packed with eye-opening information. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed being a guests on the network. It’s an honor to have my voice included with so many dedicated activists.”

Allen St Pierre, Executive Director of NORML.

Eric Sterling takes Time 4 Hemp

Eric Sterling

Exposing how the War On Drugs destroys lives of everyone touched by it.

“I first met Casper Leitch in Washington DC at the 1991 National NORML Conference when he and I were featured speakers at the event. I sat down as a guest on his show after the conference and have been a reoccurring visitor ever since. The series AND the network is one of the very few media outlets where uncensored truth about cannabis and the destructive laws created by the War On Drugs are rationally presented. There is MUCH to be learned from listening to the many historic interviews found on this website.”

Eric Sterling Executive, Director of The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation.

Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process
By Kenneth J. Peak, Tamara D. Madensen-Herold