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October 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

October 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Time 4 Real Change – Global Marijuana Reform

In the recent issues of Joint Conversations we have touched on global marijuana reform. In this issue we cover the Canadian federal election and the cannabis issue in Canada. During our election all but one federal party supported some form of cannabis law reform which included both decimalization and legalization. The Green party as well as the Liberals supported a form of cannabis taxation and regulation while the NDP wanted to start off with decimalization while studying its legalization. The Conservative party was the only ones that supported continuing the failed policy known as cannabis prohibition.

When the ballots were counted and the election ended the Liberals, who many thought could get a minority, actually ended up winning a majority government. While this can be good news for those of us who support cannabis legalization our advocacy isn’t completed yet. Sure we got a government that supports and has cannabis legalization in its platform but no details of the plan have been released or figured out yet. There have been some hints of what could come, such as one based on our alcohol model. If so, this could mean anything from being allowed to grow a certain number of plants to not being able to grow at all. So yes our work isn’t complete yet as our voices must be heard on how we want this important issue to be implemented.

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