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July 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

July 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Time 4 A Reflective 420 Celebration

Hempy Birthday North America it’s time for a 420 Celebration!!!! The first week of July is a time of birthday celebration here in North America as the countries that make up the North American celebrate their birthday’s only days apart. During this week millions of people gather together, celebrate and have a great time.

For myself it was a time of reflection as I had just received the results of test that was done just a week before. When any test is ordered the doctor tells you “we’ll call if anything is wrong” and that’s what I was told the last week of June when my test was completed. So when I received a call seven days later from my doctor it concerned me and others. The test I had done was a biopsy on a mark on my chest, a mark that I have had for so many years that my wife and I can remember when it appeared. This mark ended up being tested and came back with positive result for melanoma, or skin cancer. So like some family members before me I now to have a cancer. Who knows, maybe I’m lucky, as mine is visible and not buried deep within an organ inside of me.

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