Time 4 Alternative Cannabis Choices

November 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

November 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Back in April I wrote an editorial titled Time 4 Alternative Cannabis Choices but at that time it had to do with Owen Smith’s victory before Canada’s Supreme Court. It was a victory that allowed patients the right to have alternatives to just smoking their medication, which was something that the government was pretty well forcing upon sick and dying Canadians.

I thought at some point that weed touch on a few of the alternative choices that people can pick from and today seems to be the day.Another reason and an important one for us up here in Canada is because we’re going to legalize cannabis and the uneducated can use a bit of education. As a cannabis patient advocate, who has assisted at many non-cannabis events over the years to help educate the grass roots, I can tell you many people still believe that you can only smoke cannabis. Quite often this past summer, while doing non-cannabis public events with my friend Wayne of ,I was still finding people who didn’t realize that there were alternative ways to consume and use cannabis than smoking.

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