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September 2014 Joint Conversations Newsletter

September 2014 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Time 4 the acceptance of legally prescribed cannabis!

Legally prescribed cannabis is a point of contention between global corporations and governments and their employees. Our cover photo this month shows a very upset Cpl. Ron Francis. He is a 22 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and is returning his Red Serge to the local office. Why? Because he used his legally prescribed cannabis while wearing it. Cpl. Francis had a relative film and photograph him wearing his uniform. This was to help bring awareness to PTSD. The video and pictures were submitted to the media. That in turn embarrassed the national police force. They then cracked down on Cpl. Francis which led to charges and a conviction against him. Sadly, the RCMP has recently announced that Cpl. Francis was found dead. To learn more about Cpl. Francis, check out the “Health” section.

When I became a user of legally prescribed cannabis, the stigma of using it was something that stood out. Being stigmatized as a “pot head” or being framed as a threat to our society is something that many deal with daily. For me, public education is the key. People Advocating Cannabis Education (PACE) has been doing monthly cannabis educational film presentations at The Carpe Diem Café in Peterborough ON. The organization has participated in the Drum Nation Festival in Madoc ON. One summer we added the Freedom Fields Woodstock Festival to the list of non-cannabis events. If people or society doesn’t stop stigmatizing cannabis patients, those who need it will continue to be cautious. I believe that if more people speak up as much as possible, the face of the legally prescribed cannabis consumer will change. We must all stand together.

It’s Time 4 The Acceptance of legally prescribed cannabis.

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