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August 2014 Joint Conversations Newsletter

August 2014 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Time 4 Common Sense about marijuana trafficking!

Every year throughout the world many people are incarcerated for marijuana trafficking. A perfect case in point is the well-publicized arrest of Canadian Marc Emery. Marc just finished serving five years in a USA jail because he sold cannabis seeds to citizens of that country.  At that time, DEA Administrator Karen Tandy said; “this is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement. His marijuana trade and propagandist marijuana magazine have generated nearly $5 million a year in profits. That bolstered his marijuana trafficking efforts. Those have gone up in smoke today.”

Ms. Tandy’s words sounded good to those who believed them. The question I’m asking is: did she get what she believed she set out to do? Marc’s five years in jail cost the USA government approximately a half million dollars. That was  just to house him. That doesn’t include what it cost the government to prosecute him. For this amount of money, what did they achieve? They were able to keep him locked up and take away his freedom. The five years that Marc served in jail for marijuana trafficking did not get the effect that Ms. Tandy and the DEA thought they would achieve. Instead they found out that the cannabis community is more than one person and that their efforts were nothing but a bad joke on American taxpayers because they are the ones who footed the bill to incarnate Marc. Now that Marc is free he works on cannabis reform around the world. Until it is legal to grow this plant every where on earth, he will not rest.

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