Time 4 Hemp Is Growing

March 2016 Joint Conversations Newsletter

March 2016 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Time 4 Hemp – ROKU-TV

I’ve been busy re-tooling the TIME 4 HEMP ROKU-TV channel. Many of our hosts and sponsors have video presentations of their work. Because of that, the channel is quickly growing. ROKU-TV is also quickly growing. According to Michael Greeson, founder of The Diffusion Research Group, “Smart TVs will likely find their way into more than 80% of homes over the next 10 years and owners of smart TVs report a significant increase of watching live-stream content.”

Over the past year, ROKU-TV has partnered with several companies such as SHARP and SAMSUNG to have their software built into the display making them a great option for small living spaces. Microsoft now includes ROKU-TV in their Windows-10 release. These few changes alone have quickly added to the 65-million global subscriber base ROKU had established by end of 2014. ROKU is also quick to add new broadcast services such as HBO and Netflix and currently offers over 2,000 channels – all at the fraction of the cost of what cable television charges.

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