How April 20 Became Global Weed Day

April 2016 Joint Conversations Newsletter

April 2016 Joint Conversations Newsletter

It’s ALWAYS 420 somewhere.

For years, people have speculated about the true meaning of 420. Some popular myths about the origins of 420 include that the number is the police code for marijuana or that it’s the number of chemical compounds found in weed, however, 420 thankfully has much more innocent and good-natured origins than anything having to do with all of that.

Five San Rafael High School friends in San Rafael, Calif. collectively called the Waldos probably started the 420 tradition, according to the Huffington Post’s seminal story on the history of 420. The code first came about in the fall of 1971 because the Waldos planned to meet at a statue of Louis Pasteur at the school at 4:20 before they went on an expedition to score some free weed from a plot of marijuana plants abandoned by a Coast Guard service member.

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