Liberty and Justice for all

January 2016 Joint Conversations Newsletter

January 2016 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Two Minutes Of Liberty – Judge James Gray

Liberty and Justice for all!? Disturbingly, there is a movement spreading around some of our universities and elsewhere to promote having a “Freedom from Speech,” otherwise known as a freedom from having your feelings hurt by “insensitive” speech.  This has resulted in so-called “safety zones” in which people are shielded from discomforting thoughts.  To this end, students and others have received lowered grades or otherwise been censored for using phrases like “the most qualified person should get the job,” or “America is a melting pot,” or for calling people who do not have white skin “People of Color.”  (As to that last issue, when I was in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, it was common for a male with Chinese ancestry to be called “Chino,” a Black “Negro,” someone who was thin “Flaco,” or a North American like me “Gringo.”  Using these names was simply descriptive and not at all disparaging, and I look forward to the day that this will be true in our communities as well.

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