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December 2014 Joint Conversations Newsletter

December 2014 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Medical Marijuana News

Time 4 A Vapor Lounge Break!

As a medical marijuana patient I have found that during my daily running around – there isn’t always a good vapor lounge for me to medicate in. There was a time when I could go to a local quiet park and take a stroll through it but even that is getting harder as the banning of smoking in local parks has set in.

When it’s a cold or wet day it’s even worse because it forces a sick or dying person to medicate in an environment that is not good for their health. The same goes when they tell cannabis medicators that they have to go out to the harmful tobacco smoking section to take their medication. How do we stop forcing people out into bad weather or into an area that one doesn’t feel comfortable? With more people having access to medicinal cannabis something has to change to allow every vapor lounge owner a safe way to conduct business.

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