Watching Love FLOWER!

February 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

February 2015 Joint Conversations Newsletter

Time 4  Good Health Coverage In Our Marijuana Publication!

With January out of the way and February half gone, pure little marijuana publication must put a spotlight on Valentine’s Day. For this special day we purchase flowers, cakes, dinners, cards and so many other things for a loved one in our life. Some of those loved ones also receive cannabis in order to help them with a medical condition or conditions. Recent polls in North America show that cannabis legalization is favored by the majority; they also show that medical cannabis receives even a much larger approval rate. This despite all the propaganda that our governments use to try to tell us it’s a negative on our health.

Our February marijuana publication  is about love. It’s also Heart and Stroke month. Showing and feeling the love of a person is healthy for all of us and the Heart and Stroke Foundation uses the month to campaign for healthier lives.

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