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Hemp Textured Vegetable Protein

Hemp Textured Vegetable Protein tastes great and is healthier than meat. Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is sold as a meat substitute in supermarkets, for example Morningstar Farms or Atlantic Natural Foods.  Many vegetarians have celebrated their early experiences with TVP only to learn later about the many health considerations associated with eating soy. In honor of the late, dynamic cannabis activist, Anthony Bourdain, let's explore a hemp based TVP possibility.

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Sister Somayah Kambui

An amazing leader, Sister Somayah Kambui was a pioneer researcher regarding cannabis oil as a treatment for sickle cell. Somayah produced the first Los Angeles Million Marijuana (now Global) in 1999 plus all subsequent ones until her death in 2008.  She gave away collectively tons of cannabis and its healing oil over the decades while fighting tirelessly to end the drug war.  Sister Somayah frequently said she was born to help free the weed, bring hemp’s and love’s benefits to people in need.

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