Marijuana Tourism

By Thomas Longe

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Enjoy A Really Relaxing Reefer Vacation

Marijuana tourism, the art and science of choosing where to vacation based on cannabis quality, legal availability and prices is delivering an economic boom where it is legal. This brave new world offers a plethora of agricultural, jobs and business opportunities. Customers in search of a fully relaxing, humorous and in some cases wonderfully adventurous vacations are finding great vacations within the growing marijuana tourism industry. Cannabis is so popular among tourist already that within a month of marijuana legalization in Nevada, the state had to declare a state of emergency because the shops were running out of weed.

Vacation Time 4 Toking Cannabis

National Geographic reported back in 2014 on the indisputable trend that is rapidly following the marijuana legalization lead.

"The hotel industry is also jumping on the weed wagon and starting to offer beds to potheads. Since smoking in public is still illegal in both states, a growing list of hotels allow clients to vaporize, smoke or ingest cannabis edibles. Colorado even has its own cannabis-friendly Airbnb-style site, TravelTHC."

The industry is inspiring new fields of business. For example, cannabis tour companies are sprouting up in areas where recreational and medical marijuana are legal. Two years ago the respected publication Travel and Leisure reported  from a conversation with 420 Tours

"For $1,000, a full weekend excursion with My 420 Tours includes airport transportation and a two-hour cannabis cooking class (pot-infused pumpkin muffins, anyone?) with chef Blaine Alexandr of Conscious Confections, which can also be booked on its own for $129. The $1,000 weekend package also comes with two nights at the Denver Crowne Plaza and a Silver Surfer vaporizer on loan. Edibles aside, vaporizing is the only way you can legally consume marijuana in a hotel room, but even that is best done on the sly, with a pocket vaporizer, as the city’s hotels remain wary of marijuana use, and include it with general smoking bans when it comes to balconies, outdoor lounges, and plazas."

Another cannabis tourism company is Kush Tourism, who offers marijuana tours in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada and California is urging the travel and tourism industry to:

"Be the solution.

Fill a rather gaping hole in an industry that has very few options for cannabis tourists. Every state has different laws around cannabis consumption. Be sure to do your due diligence to follow the regulations in your state. In the state of Washington for example, it is unlawful to consume cannabis outside of a private property. Bars, restaurants, and clubs may all be privately owned but they are treated as public property. For many this means consumption is only allowed in private homes but what if you’re not a homeowner? What’s a pot tourist to do?

If you are a property owner this is the perfect opportunity to build your passive income as conventional hotels are often bound by no-smoking laws in their respective regions regardless of cannabis consumption laws."

Marijuana tourism is offering multiple legal opportunities to co-create happy guests who remember the best parts of their vacation. This trend empowers the whole local economy as visitors shop at restaurants, clothing stores and other wares / services a community has to offer, making it a local jobs machine.