How NOT to get busted

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Save yourself a lot of grief by just being aware.

By Jeffrey Steinborn, Attorney at law,

While everyone you know may think it’s fine to use cannabis responsibly, 750,000 Americans get busted for it every year. Here are 10 keys to staying out of jail.

1. Break only one law at a time. If you’re holding or using cannabis — that’s one. Don’t break any more. Particularly in your car, all laws must be religiously obeyed.

2. Practice home hygiene. Sooner or later,someone is going to come to your house who might turn you in if s/he sees something such as a pipe, a joint, a bud or a grow room. These things should always be kept where they can’t be seen.

3. Never invite trouble home, and don’t do things that bring police to your house. Smoke out back, away from the front door.

4. Protect the privacy of your home as best you can. Remember noise and odors travel. ‘Private property’ signs, gates and fences give your lawyer a chance to argue that the cop should not have come to your door (and smelled pot) without a warrant.

5. Don’t think you’re safe out in the countryside. Your car privacy is less protected than at home. Keep your travel stash in an odor-free container.

6. Don’t take your pipe out of the house. Smoke joints. In public or semi-public places, smoke joints that look like tobacco cigarettes and hold them like cigarettes.

7. Don’t be afraid to blend in if you’re on the wrong side of the pot laws. It’s your right to express yourself or dress any way you choose, but if what you want is to go unnoticed, camouflage is the key.

8. Don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk, no digas nada. Never, ever make inquiries or deals by text message. When you’re buying (or selling) weed, don’t talk about things that aren’t necessary to the deal. If you are growing, you can’t tell anybody.

9. When confronted by police, ask, “What’s this about?” No matter what the answer, ask to call your lawyer. Period. Then invoke your right to remain silent.

10. Don’t forget it’s still against the law.