Hemp Textured Vegetable Protein

By Elise McDonough

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Turn a new leaf in your diet!

Hemp Textured Vegetable Protein tastes great and is healthier than meat. Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is sold as a meat substitute in supermarkets, for example Morningstar Farms or Atlantic Natural Foods.  Many vegetarians have celebrated their early experiences with TVP only to learn later about the many health considerations associated with eating soy. In honor of the late, dynamic cannabis activist, Anthony Bourdain, let's explore a hemp based TVP possibility.

Hemp Foods Are A Smart Dietary Strategy For Health & Joy!

For the second half of the last century and almost a decade into this one, long term sickle cell thriver (doubled her life expectancy plus 8 years) Los Angeles, California legend Sister Somayah Kambui was know for fooling folks with her home made hemp meals. It was not until after folks enjoyed her food that had a hemp TVP, instead of cow, pig or chicken, she would tell her guests with a smile of 'that was not meat.'

Currently the market is soy dominated (complete with its own futures market, like what should be for hemp), with sub markets in wheat and corn.  However, hemp is a vegetable protein that can also be made into a meat substitute for traditional and new age cooking. Hemp flour, oil, buds, leaves and protein powder can be used in recipes to make home made hemp TVP. Of course a generous garnish of, forget that, a side dish of hemp leaves opens even more possibilities come plating time.

Hemp TVP expands healthy cooking imaginations. For example a hemp based all natural TVP lasagna (Hempzana), in addition to hemp pasta, hemp cheese and dry leaf seasoning, can also have hemp TVP burger that would defy detection when properly seasoned and with the right blend of oils.  Heavy on the sun dried tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, and a couple of cups of wine for the sauce (one for the cook), seems like the foundation of a beautifully memorable meal.  Pesto sauce, which is basil based, get a new flare with hemp leaves and seeds added into the mix.

“Weed Wings” - fried or baked TVP  cut into bit size pieces,“Pot Pasta” dishes using hemp flour for the pasta and hemp leaves as a seasoning.  WeedCritters (hemp TVP - HTVP [cow, pig, chicken, lamb and fish] substitutes) Hemp sausage (hemp seed based sausage) Mota Tacos ; Ganga Burritos, Hemp Dogs and Blunt Burgers... all made from hemp textured vegetable protein are,   fine cuisine possibilities as we engage our more health conscious world.

We ask all great chefs, cooks and hobbyist to experiment with hemp flours, oils, leaves, buds, smoothies, etc. to co-create a better world through better food for us all. In honor of the great cannabis activist Anthony Bourdain, keep food an adventure.