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Plastics are big business. Look around and count the items within arm’s reach that are made from plastic. The substance has made life infinitely more convenient; people carry groceries in it, drink water from it, wrap foods in it, and even use it to build devices to access online blog posts about plastics. Its presence is as ubiquitous as its potential uses are endless. We need to use hemp plastic.

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Hemp remediation - Japan

The Japanese Fukushima Dai-ichi triple nuclear meltdown has already affected the US. Radioactive material has been spilling from the power plants since March 11, 2011, exposing every creature on Earth to plutonium, cesium 137, uranium, and other toxins that travel through the ocean, jet stream and food and water systems.  People every day drink, eat, breathe and wash with radioactive particles that cause disease, disaster and that could possibly end human life on earth. We NEED Hemp remediation.

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What is Hemp

Hemp is a name given to cultivars of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa) that have been selected over many generations for fiber and seed production.  Most hemp cultivars contain less than 1.5% THC, a narcotic compound that has the potential for abuse in high concentrations.

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