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The Growing Marijuana Industry

Hemp, CBD and cannabis industries represents a major opportunity for entrepreneurs. Those entrepreneurs that are experienced in operating a hemp business know that while the work can be hard and challenging, the opportunities and rewards are great. Often challenges are centered on regulations, licensing requirements and scrutiny that is all too common in this sector.

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Cannabis Budtender Employment

The Cannabis bud-tenders the one who recommends strains of cannabis for the occasion, is a rapidly growing job field. As the age of legal cannabis / hemp thrives, the blending of bartender and budtender has begun at cannabis dispensaries. This trend has the potential to expand to include private consulting for events and individual customers, much like caregivers in the medical marijuana field.

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Marijuana Tourism

Marijuana tourism, the art and science of choosing where to vacation based on cannabis quality, legal availability and prices is delivering an economic boom where it is legal. This brave new world offers a plethora of agricultural, jobs and business opportunities. Customers in search of a fully relaxing.

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