Cannabis vertical farming

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Cannabis vertical farm

With This Easy To Do Agricultural Upgrade.

Cannabis Vertical Farming is an agricultural upgrade, giving us the ability to turn 10 acres into 40 acres+ of farming space. How? Cannabis vertical farming stacks hemp and marijuana plants vertically instead of spreading them out one at a time horizontally we can exponentially expand the number of plants being grown in a small space, indoors or outside. Here's another way to syncopate that concept. A 5 story (or greater as pictured below) vertical farm, as in 3d print out of hemp plastic, gives us 40+ acres of growing space. Bring in the seeds,  lights, water and nutrients, add a little love...10 acres are producing 40 acres or more of crops.

Cannabis vertical farming is a powerful game changer for both urban and traditional outdoor farmers. Oh the possibilities this technology offers to grow medicine to heal the sick and keep others healthy, food for the hungry, and as we expand into hemp, making beautiful yet low cost housing, comfortable and stylish clothing, graphene for energy storage and over 50,000 more products.

We already know hemp / cannabis is a trillion dollar crop that empowers business, jobs and health. In this continued age of cannabis prohibition, the need to grow indoors to get around oppressive government laws is obvious. Vertical farming is rapidly becoming the way to grow, both indoors and out. Controlling variables like weather, floods, pests, etc. adds an element of certainty in promised crop delivery dates.

Marijuana News reports on some more benefits of vertical farming.

"Vertical Farming: Is This The Future Of Growing Cannabis?

The benefits of vertical gardening go well beyond increasing yield and maximizing space. Vertical gardens can produce plants every day of the year, giving growers a continuous and reliable supply of cannabis. Different vertical gardening setups also take full advantage of a given light.

This could be very beneficial for home growers who need to cut down on electric bills or are interested in reducing their energy impact overall.

While outdoor cultivation, which takes advantage of a free source of energy, is perhaps considered the most environmentally sustainable, vertical gardening is a great way to make indoor operations more efficient, wasting fewer resources and cutting back on overall water use."

The technique of stacking plants vertically for better agriculture control and increasing crop yield is catching on.

"Vertical Farming, the New Trend in Marijuana Cultivation

A vertical farming system could be just what the doctor ordered for all those who are new to the marijuana farming business or those who are looking to create additional space within their existing warehouses.

Certain vertical applications such as the ActivRAC mobile racking system has been proven to do wonders for growing facilities.

The mobile vertical growing system makes good use of the height of the warehouse space; this allows growers to utilize more space and increase their yields. A good example of the success of vertical racking systems can be given of OpenVape and Conte’s Clone Bar and Disensary in Colorado. Owners Jeremy Heidl and his founding team updated their warehouse layout by adding new vertical racks to utilize large amounts of wasted space, which was leading to additional expenses. Taking a leaf out of the simple filing cabinet, Heidl came up with the plan to use industrial shelving which could help save space and cost. Not long after, Heidl reached out to Spacesaver, a company which specializes in mobile storage like the ActivRAC mobile racking system.

The increase in yield and lowered cost of production created by the ActivRAC mobile racking system has helped Heidl to expand production capacity and efficiency. Keeping that in mind, vertical farming could be next big thing in the marijuana industry, since many US states are pushing for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. According to pundits, if marijuana use is legalized in all 50 states, marijuana industry could grow to become even bigger than the organic foods industry."