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People have been using this amazing herb since the beginning of time.

By Michael Whitty, Phd

Holistic medicine works with the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Andrew Weil has observed that, from the perspective of complete and true healing, cannabis helps not only in coping with body issues but reduces stress to the mind and is helpful to the spirit. Perhaps, cannabis helps us see more and embrace the world. The Beckley Foundation (UK) has documented that depth psychology and the spiritual aspects of life are added benefits of thoughtful and reflective cannabis use. The foundation has researched the positive connection between cannabis and creativity as well as the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol (CBD).

Beyond its efficacy in medical use, many of our ancestors’ healing traditions have used cannabis for heart-opening psychological healing breakthroughs. In addition to its medical research, Beckley has pioneered the mental health applications of cannabis and is creating an international network of spiritual thinkers who believe that spirit medicine can change the world through a change of human consciousness. More peace, acceptance and joy may result — in other words, improving the mental health of the entire society by improving human consciousness.

How we see, think and feel about life affects how we handle illness, stress and the daily choices and decisions that create our sense of life’s meaning and ultimate value. How we see and feel life and the world influences our human behavior and the possible future. To that end, cannabis as a spiritual medicine can be very helpful in advancing our healing on the psychological and spiritual level.

Why not start or restart your life-long vision quest by utilizing it in one of the self-help processes or rituals mentioned below to create your future? Among close and trusted friends and caregivers, explore body, mind and spirit by self-created ritual, silent setting, meditation, quiet walks, sitting before the fire pit, dance, yoga stretching complimented by a support group on life issues. Psycho-spiritual reflection allows a deep look at your family issues, relationships, health, sexuality, wealth, spirituality and life legacy. Attempting to heal our lives is a wholistic journey which includes how we think, feel and see life.

This requires listening to your inner guide, often helped along by cannabis as a caregiver to our inner guide or sixth sense. Skeptics can think of this as your gut feelings or intuition . It helps us think with our heart and our head. For seekers and those on vision quest, think of it as the inner shaman, that deepest part of you who really loves and accepts you.

Cannabis can help with your unique, personal journey to self acceptance, self forgiveness and an open heart toward all of life. It just takes a little bit of solitude, a whole lot of gratitude, a loving attitude and a little bit of cannabis.

It gives us guts, brains and compassion. Something we all need more of.