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Visit and expand your garden.


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Time 4 Hemp is Changing!

Due to the size of this website and the amount of daily traffic that it generates, it became necessary to move it OFF OF GoDaddy’s outdated servers and rebuild it on a foundation more stable than WordPress. I’ve worked diligently at moving the network’s content over onto this new platform and I hope you find it easy to navigate as well as entertaining and informative. If you do - please share it with your friends.

Now that it’s done, New video content AND audio programs are back into production. Al Byrne and Michael Krawitz are back to hosting ‘Veterans Voices’ with new segments being released every Wednesday starting October 16th. They have a great line-up of guests and you can preview the programs on their archive page. They do a fantastic program. If you have time, check out this interview they did with Jesse Ventura.

The same is true for me. I’ve return to hosting ‘Time 4 Hemp’. A new show will be released every Monday starting October 14th. You can preview the programs on the archive page.

I’m also keeping busy publishing the monthly newsletter and keeping the The Learning Center blog up to date. You can keep up with the biggest news stories about cannabis and hemp by following uw on our FaceBook and Twitter feeds.

You can enjoy lots of amazing cannabis music on the 24/07 broadcast we do through iHeartRadio. The ROKU-TV channel is under construction and will re-launch on 02-02-2020. We will be launching our network channel on Amazon Fire that same day. New videos will also be available for view on this website and on the Tommy Chong Cannabis Club TV Network starting October 18th.

Please take a few minutes and poke around the new Time 4 Hemp website. Let me know what you think of it if you have chance and if you like it, please share it with your friends.

Our latest Tweets!

Welcome to Time 4 Hemp.


On iHeartRadio.

We play a little bit of TALK and a whole lot of SMOKIN’ ROCK!

Much of today’s internet content is now presented on video; because of that, we too have begun different video productions. The NEW VIDEO SERIES by Time 4 Hemp is now on Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Club TV Network courtesy of The Marin Alliance Medical Marijuana Dispensary owned by Lynnette Shaw.

Check out what’s new on the network.

The OCTOBER 2019 issue of our newsletter, JOINT CONVERSATIONS. It will fill you in on up-coming programs being released on the network - it even has a few great previews for you to enjoy.




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